What's Your Favorite Scary Movie?

So, what movie really scares you? Not those CIG films, but honest to God, scary movies that make you jump, scream, and later when you are all alone in the dark, its the movie that will make you think about it, make you scan the shadows, and make you so nervous, you sleep with a light on somewhere?

What is your all time, favorite scary movie and why? Leave your answers in the comments!

Apryl Baker


  1. The Grudge

    The only time I've ever been truly scared was after watching this film on a long haul flight to China (ok, maybe not Japan)and then spending the evening in a very large but creepy hotel suit with a rattling air conditioning unit and dark corners wherever I looked. That movie had a profound effect on my state of mind for the rest of the week, and YES I did sleep with the lights on!
    (And ME a writer of dark fiction!)

  2. Psycho.

    Alfred made my heart pump like never before. The scariest scene happens while the main character is driving to the motel, before the killer even makes an appearance.