Fan's Cast

The fans are currently voting on who they’d like to see star in the movie, write the script, direct, and compose the soundtrack. You can check it out at: 

Feel free to vote or make a selection of your own if you’ve read Mattie’s story! Support is always appreciated as well!

The current FAN FAVORITES to play the roles are:

Mattie Hathaway:  Maia Mitchell, Chloe Grace Mortez, or Danielle Campbell

Dan Richards:  Theo James or Jack Reynor

Meg:  Ashley Benson or Annalynne McCord

Eric:  Ryan Kelley or Adam Gregory

Doctor Olivet:  Matthew Davis 

Mrs. Olson:  Kathy Bates or Sally Field

*** Please note, these are not the actual cast and crew, just FAN FAVORITES from the ifList site. Feel free to comment on your favorites if you have someone else you'd think would work better! ***

When the cast is official, I will update!


  1. What about Lilly Collins for Mattie?

  2. Also, every time I click on the page it takes me to somewhere weird and not the actual voting page. What should I do?

  3. Mattie should be Debbie Ryan! Omg and Josh Dun should be Dan! And Tyler can be Eli! Then Jenna as meg!!!!! they would all ya know look like the charectors from the book