Announcing the 2014 YA/NA Blogfest



It will run from October 1st through October 31st. It is your chance to do a shout out for your books. I get about 10K page views a day when I do these events and they only get bigger every year! If interested in participating, please let me know ASAP as my spots fill up super fast!

It's basically your show.  You can talk about your book in any way you want.  It's your opportunity to get your name out there and people buzzing about your book.  I do a shout out on all my media outlets day of as well.  We have several doing character interviews for their MC’s along with pics of what they think they look like just to give you an idea of some of the things people are doing to promote their books. The more active the post (pictures, videos, audio, etc, the more exposure you’ll get!) Make it unique and interesting.  Make people think wow, I have to go read that book right now!

We will also be doing a Hottest Guy Competition somewhere near the middle of the month, so get those pics and bios ready of your books main men! I’ll send out details later about that, though.
I get about ten thousand hits a day when I run this event, so you'll be getting a lot of foot traffic.

Apryl Baker


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  2. I'd love to participate! I have a book that I'd like to include. It's called Soul Searching. Let me know how to do so. Thanks!

  3. Just saw this Jamie Brenner! I am so sorry honey, but we are completely full!