Cover Reveal: Arise by Michael Dean

Coming March 7th, 2014...



* Book #2 in the Drift Series *

Hell hath no fury like one of its own.

After teenage demon Leo Cutler claims Diccittidel, freedom from Hell, from his demon overlord Christian and the other two council members, he finds himself in a more dire situation than he ever could have imagined.

Leo discovers that the path leading to the confrontations with the council will not be as straight as he planned when sleepy Mountainside gets turned upside down by the disappearance of some of the town’s youth; including his human girlfriend,
Shade Lewis.

Stopping at nothing to get her back, will Leo be able to overcome the apparent insurmountable odds of saving Shade from a most dark future while still keeping up with his fight for freedom? Or will he be exterminated from existence?

Can Leo…ARISE?

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Michael Dean was born in Mountain View California in 1976, raised in Tucson Arizona, and now resides just outside of Dallas Texas.

Michael’s adventurous style has led him to start and run a successful small business for the past ten years, as well as writing YA novels and playing music. His passion for music and the pen collided when he was younger, causing him to pick up a guitar and write his own music. That drive led him to starting his own band, getting it played on regional radio stations, even competing in Ozzy Osbourne’s battle for Ozzfest
in New York City.

Still just as driven, now he prefers quieter days to himself, thus giving him time to improve on his main passion, writing. Drift, a YA paranormal fantasy, is a bi-product of that alone time. He
hopes that when a reader picks up his works, he or she will love it just as much as he did writing it.



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