Cover Reveal - Finding Evan by Lisa Swallow

Coming January 2014...



* Book #2 in the Butterfly Days Series *

She killed a part of me – the part which
trusts when someone tells you they love you, and allows you to trust that
person with your heart.

Ness and Evan return to Leeds from Europe,
and begin their new life together. But the past Evan has buried for years
resurfaces and threatens their future.

After fifteen years, Evan doesn’t want any
contact with the woman who abandoned him, but is unwillingly pulled into his
mother’s life by Lucy.

Feeling pushed aside by Ness’s focus on her
studies and new friends, Evan can’t confide in Ness about what’s happening.
This return to his old behaviour adds more distance to their relationship. When
Ness’s new friend Ollie picks up the pieces because Evan is away, Evan’s
insecurities threaten their relationship further.

Ness becomes aware of Evan’s situation, and
she questions whether he will ever be able to break his ties to those dragging
him down. If he can’t put himself first, and live the life he wants, she is
unable to see how their relationship could work. In return, Evan struggles with
Ness’s inability to get close to people, and her distance pushes him further

The decision about the future of the
relationship is taken out of their hands - by something which could end things
between Ness and Evan forever.

* Book #1 in the Butterfly Days Series *


Lisa was born in the UK and she
moved around Europe with her military family before completing a BA (Hons) in
English at the University of Leeds. Her home is now in Perth, Australia with
her husband and three children. Lisa has written since she was a child - moving
from writing poems and short stories aged nine to writing novels in the last
few years. With the encouragement of her family and local writers group, Lisa
found the confidence to share her latest paranormal romance series with the

In between running her home based craft supplies business, looking after her
family, and writing, Lisa sometimes finds spare time to do other things. This
often involves swapping her book worlds for gaming worlds. She even leaves the
house occasionally, enjoying walks with her dog and time with her family. She
loves all things from the Whedonverse and preferred vampires before they

Lisa enjoys reading both classics and modern fiction. Her favorite genres are
gothic, paranormal and urban fantasy, but she also enjoys contemporary new
adult. She is currently working on more books in the Soul Ties series, and has
other projects lined up waiting.



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