The Hunger Games movie 2012

The Hunger Games 2012

I watched the Hunger Games and I have been thinking on how best to review the movie. I was so very disappointed in it. There were good parts, but honestly, I didn’t enjoy it as much as I did the books. And I think I have just figured out why after going back and re-reading the book.

I agreed for the most part with the actors/actresses they chose to portray the parts. I can even get behind Woody Harelson as Haymitch even though in the movie it was like he didn’t care one way or the other. It was just another paycheck to him. I did really love the way they used the commentator to portray what was going on. That was brilliant and I give them brownie points for that.

What threw me off was the lack of emotion in the movie. I got no real emotion from anyone. There was one moment in the beginning when she volunteered as tribute. You could feel the panic in that moment. Then when she kissed Peeta near the end, there was a slight show of emotion there, but it was over and one with so quick that you could forget it was there.

That is what the movie was missing. The emotion that is so abundant in the book.

I would only give the movie 3 stars and I’m being generous in that.

Apryl Baker

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  1. Loved the books but the movie is just cold. I mean Katniss is a person who is shut down emotionally except for Primrose--but I think some of that gets peeled back in the book when she tries to save herself and Peeta. I think I spelled that wrong. Oh well.